Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15 (John 16:27)

for the Father himself loves you….  (ESV)

I wanted to find proof in the Bible that God loves me.  I know, I know.  You will say that the whole Bible is about the love of God, and you would be right, but I wanted to find a verse that says so explicitly.  I wanted something even more direct than the famous John 3:16, for while I am included by default in that verse, I wanted to find something more personal.

Guess what?  I found just such a verse.  And you know what makes it great?  Jesus Himself said it.  That is why I put the words of today’s verse in red, the way they are marked in some Bibles.  I wanted to highlight the source of these words so there could be no misunderstanding.  This is not the deduction concluded by deep theological speculation.  It is not a doctrine shared by some churches, but not by others.  It is not my own wish fulfillment.  Jesus Himself said these words.

What difference will these words make to you this day?  There are really only two answers.  Either these words will change everything or they will change nothing.  The effect they have depends entirely on what you believe about Jesus.

Father, my enemy would have me believe that You do not love me.  Your Son tells me You do.  In the midst of my fears and worries about life, may I cling to Jesus, even when I do not see Him, and reject the false terrors that fill my eyes.  Amen.

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