Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 12 (John 13:1)

…having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.  (ESV)

I have finally found what I want as the epitaph on my tombstone.  John wrote these words about Jesus as he described the Last Supper, and I can think of nothing else I want to be said of me as husband, father, and friend.

Love is a tedious thing.  It is mundane.  It is tiresome.  Certainly there are the skyrocket moments of romantic love and the excitement over a relative’s or a friend’s success, but the kind of love that lasts to the end is a plodding, day in and day out kind of thing.  It keeps on going when you do not feel like doing something loving.  It keeps on going when you are just too tired.  It keeps on going.

I like the idea that I am going to have the opportunity to love the people in my life until the day I die.  There is satisfaction in contemplating the long years of loving service.  Sometimes the acts of love are dramatic, but mostly they are small.  Yet taken together they make up the fabric of a life well lived.

Jesus, thank You for loving me at all times.  Thank You, too, for calling me to just such a life of love with those into whose lives You have placed me.  Thank You for the daily heartbeat of love.

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