Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25 (1 Samuel 8:22)

And the LORD said to Samuel, “Hearken unto their voice, and make them a king.” (KJV)

The people of Israel wanted a king. God said no. He instructed them to have judges, for He knew that a king was likely to become tyrannical. The people of Israel asked for a king. All the nations around them had kings. God said no. He had just led His people out of the land of Pharaoh, an oppressive ruler, and He did not want this for His beloved children. The people of Israel demanded a king, and God told Samuel to make them one.

What is going on in this story? Is this about badgering God until you finally get your way? Does it depict God as some kind of pushover? This is one of the most horrific and terrifying stories ever told, and today’s verse contains perhaps the most frightening words in the Bible. This story shows that when people are determined to rebel against God, He will let them.

Our loving Father knows what is best for us. He created us, knows all things, and loves us enough to let His Son die for us. If, however, we say that we do not want His gifts and reject His will for our lives, He will not use His mighty power to make us do what is right. He will simply let us go.

O Lord, my God, do not give me over to my worst impulses. Save me from myself. Help me to trust Your good and perfect will and to follow You all the days of my life. In the name of Jesus, Who was obedient even to the point of death, I pray. Amen.

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