Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12 (John 21:17)

Do you love me?  Feed my sheep.  (NIV)

Do you enjoy getting caught up in singing praise to the Lord?  This is good, for He deserves our praise, and praising Him restores our souls.  Do enjoy getting lost in His word, in deep contemplation of His mysteries, or in heady discussion of His teachings?  This is good, for such things equip us for the work He calls us to do.  Yet if you truly love Him, there is one thing He asks of you.  Feed His sheep.

When Jesus reinstated Peter to relationship with Him after the resurrection, He asked him three times whether Peter loved Him.  Three times Peter said he did, and three times Jesus replied that he must feed and care for His sheep.  We do what our loved ones want because it makes us happy to be around them.  We do what they want because it pleases us to see them pleased.  We do what they want even when we do not feel like it simply because we love them.

Jesus has said it quite simply and directly.  If we love Him, we must feed His sheep.  However wonderful our praise and study may be, this is what He has called us to do, if we love Him.  If the measure of your love were to be based on your service to God's people, which includes those who do not know Him and those who outright reject Him, what would your love look like?

Jesus, I claim to love You more than anything, and I do.  Show me the areas around me where You are working so that I may join in that work.  I want to be closer to You and serve as You call me to serve.  Amen.

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