Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20 (John 1:14)

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.  (NIV) 
There are all kinds of people with whom, at the moment, I cannot easily relate.  For starters, since I am fluent in only English and Latin, with a smattering of ancient Greek, there is a language barrier between half the planet and me.  On top of that, I am not conversant in high finance, gangsta rap, or ice road trucking, to name just three out of the countless areas that would cause me difficulty in relating to people.
God knows that relating to people is the key to any relationship.  Relating…relationship…get it?  While He could have announced more about His plans for a relationship with us as He did with Moses on Mt. Sinai, when it came time for the most intimate relationship, He became one of us, and in doing so set the model for us to follow. 
When it comes to evangelism, which is simply sharing with others the incredible fact that they can enjoy a personal relationship with God through Jesus, just as we do, we really only have two choices.  We can, as some do, learn the language and go into the mission field.  We can also look around at those among whom we are already dwelling.  Who are the people with whom you share interests, passions, or similar life stories?  Are there any among them who do not know God the way you do?  Jesus left the glories of Heaven to draw people into relationship with Him.  What will you do? 
Father, You have placed me in a particular place at a particular time and with particular people.  Lead me in sharing the joy of the relationship I have with You through Your Son, my Lord, Jesus Christ.  In His name I pray, amen.
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