Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18 (Matthew 28:17)

And when they saw him they worshiped him….  (ESV)

The early disciples were faithful, first to their Jewish religion and then to the truth that Jesus had taught.  They would never have worshiped a false god like Zeus or Minerva.  These few words tucked away in the last chapter of the book of Matthew reveal something of extraordinary significance.  When they saw the risen Jesus, they worshiped Him and they would never have worshiped anyone other God.  The conclusion is obvious.  They believe that Jesus was God.

Jesus is our friend.  He is our brother.  He is our savior and the lover of our souls, and each aspect of our relationship with Him is perfected by His being God.  Why can I count on Him when I cannot always count on human friends?  Because Jesus is God.  Why can I trust Him with every fear and doubt without worrying over how He will receive it?  Because Jesus is God.  Why can I have confidence that He knows what is best for me in this life and can secure my eternal future?  Because Jesus is God.

When you see the love and grace of Jesus in your life, thank Him as you would anyone else, but do one more thing, a thing you can only do with Jesus.  Worship Him.

My Lord and my God, my Savior Jesus, I adore You.  I lay my life before You and worship You.  You are my light and my salvation.  May every word from my mouth, every thought in my mind, and every action I take glorify You, my God and my friend.  Amen.

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