Sunday, April 9, 2017

Where Would You Be Without God's Love?

April 9 (Romans 3:23)

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  (ESV)

Spring is a time to think of life, not death, right?  It is a time of bright sunshine, not darkness.  Stay with the darkness for a moment and consider death…your own.  You can talk about its being unfair or just an ancient belief all you want, but the simple fact is that you, your sweet grandmother who never spoke an unkind word, and the toddler next door have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  Oh, and the consequence for each one is eternal separation from Him.

Everything in you rebels against that thought.  It just does not seem right.  We would never be so harsh or judgmental.  Okay.  I get that.  And a three-paragraph devotion does not have the space to discuss those reasonable objections.  Yet here’s the thing.  Stay with the anger and frustration.  Stay with the confusion and worry.  Now you are ready to appreciate the unspeakable glory of Easter.

Next Sunday Christians will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We celebrate because that event proved the love of God beyond all doubt and removed all of the sin and all of the punishment for each and every person who chooses to receive that gift of grace.  But you can’t come close to appreciating the enormity of that gift and the sheer magnitude of the love behind it if you don’t take a moment to ponder where you would be without it.

Father, I want to take some time to consider where I would be without Your love.  It is a scary proposition, but I need to be scared, at least a little, so I can fully appreciate what Jesus did for me.  O God, I want You to have my full praise as we move toward Easter.  Help me to see the full measure of what You have done for me.  In the name of Jesus, Who made it all possible, amen.

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