Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3 (Titus 1:6)

An elder must be blameless.... (NIV)
In the first chapter of his letter to Titus, Paul gives instructions for the qualifications of church leaders and begins with being blameless.  This might well be enough to cause many people to throw up their hands, stop reading, and move on.  Surely Paul is asking a bit much by requiring that leaders be blameless!
Not only does Paul say they should be blameless, but this is the baseline qualification.  He goes on from there!  Is it possible that we have become a bit lax?  We are right to acknowledge our failures and remind ourselves that the blood of Jesus is sufficient to cover all sins.  The problem is that we too often stay just at that point.  God's grace is also sufficient to transform us into what we were made to be.  God is not content to leave us in our state of failure.
Read back through the passages of Scripture talking about the Christian life.  They are challenging.  They may be describing something far out of our reach.  Do not give up.  Pray to God for the strength of His grace to achieve what He desires you to be.  Being blameless is not impossible for those whose lives are fully surrendered to Christ.
Lord, give me the courage and persistence to stay on the path, to reach the goal that You have set for me.  Help me to root out the sin in my life while developing the spiritual gifts and disciplines that will make me a fit servant in Your kingdom.  In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray.  Amen.

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