Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2 (John 10:10)

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy….  (NIV)
An epic story in which the forces of evil are pitted against the forces of good.  It is the stuff of movies and summer novels, but if we think for one moment it is not the story of our own lives, then we have fallen for a subtle, yet powerful, trick of the enemy.  When I look back over my life, I see that it has been one battle after another.
Many people reading that will think I am talking about family chaos, the fight against illness, or some sort of natural disaster.  Dealing with any of those is a battle, to be sure, yet if you looked at my life, it would appear quite smooth.  On the surface.  Yet how often have I fought worry, fear, and despair?  How often have exhaustion and frustration threatened to overtake me?  How often have I been tempted to give up?  Then throw in even a little family chaos or illness, the kind that afflicts every one of us, and you begin to see.  There is a constant attack trying to take us out.  Sometimes it goes underground and is hard to see, but it is always there.
So what will you do?  Personally, I am going to call on the One Who has already defeated the enemy fighting against me.  He knows how to do it.
Lord Jesus, stay with me.  Never leave my sight.  In the midst of the battle, I need to see You and know that You are with me.  Help me to stand my ground.  I am confident that together we can defeat anything.  In Your powerful name I pray, amen.
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