Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 24 (Psalm 69:30)

I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving.  (ESV)

I am thankful to God for the azure sky of fall, which forms the perfect canvas on which are painted the crimson, ochre, and gold of autumn leaves.  I thank Him for the orange, then pink, then deep purple of sunsets.  Praise the name of our God for stars that appear in familiar patterns at night!  Glory be to Him for the rainbows that appear in our kitchen when afternoon sun more than 92 million miles away casts its slant light through our window!  Thanks be to God for a cool drink of water.

Lord, I thank You for the blessing of friends and family, for hugs from my children, and for deep laughter over dinner.  Thank You for a job that allows me to serve You and provide for my family.  Thank You for a reliable vehicle that takes me to and from that job each day.

My heart pauses in gratitude for fingers that can type, eyes that can read, and a mind that can put words together.  I am grateful for eyeglasses that improve my sight, the doctor whose knowledge wrote the prescription for the lenses, and the development of technology that makes the grinding of glass possible.

From the simple to the sublime, how will you magnify God with thanksgiving?

Father, my heart overflows with gratefulness for all You have done.  When I think that on top of it all You have saved me through the life, death, and resurrection of Your Son, Jesus, I am overwhelmed and stopped in my tracks.  Glory be to You in and for all things!  Amen.
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