Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Warrior At Your Side

February 7 (Jeremiah 20:11)

But the Lord is with me as a dread warrior; therefore my persecutors will stumble; they will not overcome me.  (ESV)

Weak.  Slacker.  Lazy.  Fearful.  Coward.  These are not words we want to hear.  We would prefer words like:  strong, independent, go-getter, bold, aggressive.  The problem is that we get locked into an either-or mentality.  Either we are being weak or we are being strong.  On top of that, we define all these terms solely with references to our own selves.

There are times, however, when we need to be a bit smarter about the whole thing.  It makes no sense to tackle certain matters alone to prove our strength, nor would it be right to run from them.  In such circumstances, we need to remember that the toughest Green Beret-Spartan-ninja-robot armed to the teeth is a rag doll compared with God.  He is a dread warrior Who strikes terror in the hearts of His enemies and has in fact already won the war of which each of our daily battles is a part.

Where could you use a dread warrior right now?  Feel free to keep swinging your sword as long as you want, but when you are ready to enlist the help of God Almighty, remember that it is no sign of weakness.  It is simply the smart thing to do.

Father, I am worn out from the battles of life.  Strengthen me for the ones in which You want me to take the lead, show me where I should step back to let You fight, and give me the wisdom to turn over the sword.  In the name of Jesus, a warrior so fierce He conquered death and so loving that He shared His victory with me, amen.

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