Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pray or Complain?

May 29 (Matthew 5:44)

But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you….   (ESV)

A favorite sport for many people, including Christians, is to complain.  It is amazing how much more clearly we seem to be able to see issues than those who make the policies or rules that govern our lives.  If only we could be in a position of authority!  We would never make the decisions that others do.

To be fair, there are countless bad decisions made by those who rule our lives, from elected officials to leaders at work.  Poor leadership can be a motivator for us to bring about necessary changes.  Yet it should also inspire us to pray, even for…especially for…those leaders whose actions we think are most evil.

Why do we not pray for such people?  Is it because we do not really believe God can or will do anything?  Is it because we perversely enjoy complaining and would rather hang on to our sense of superiority?  If you are already praying for the leaders around you, keep doing so.  If not, ask yourself why.  You may first need to pray for something else…forgiveness.

Father, I confess that I enjoy talking about the poor decisions of others with those who think the way I do.  Help me to see issues clearly, through Your word, and to act appropriately, working to see Your will accomplished when it is in my power to do so and praying in all matters for You to intervene.  Forgive me when I choose to savor a sense of superiority by doing nothing more than speak ill of others or when I do not trust You to handle something.  In the name of Jesus, Who willingly suffered death at the hands of His persecutors for me, amen.

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