Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 29 (1 Chronicles 9:13)

mighty men for the work of the service of the house of God.  (ESV)

Tucked away in the middle of chapters that most people skip, so filled are they with genealogies and names hard to pronounce, is a wonderful phrase.  You may not think of those who serve in your church in the same way you do Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk, but God does.  Service in His house is serious work, and it takes committed, gifted, strong people to accomplish it.

The phrase “mighty men” literally means those strong in respect to power.  It is almost a redundancy, but it emphasizes the strength needed to serve God faithfully.  Think church work is easy?  Ask one of your youth leaders how easy it is to train the next generation.  Ask your men’s and women’s ministry leaders or your outreach team.  Ask your pastor, who in addition to preaching bleeds daily for the hurts and sins of his congregation.

Could it be that you, too, are one who is strong in respect to power?  I am not saying you could bench 650, but has God given you strength or gifts in a certain area that He wants you to use for the work of His house?  The answer is yes, He has.  The real question is whether you know what that strength is and are willing to use it for His service.

Lord, I often ask for strength to get through my day.  Today I ask You to show me the strength you have already given me and how You want me to use it in Your service.  You are my King.  Command me as You will.  Amen.
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